Bands that make awesome music videos stay relevant


All it really takes these days to make it in the music industry and get your 15 minutes of fame is to have that one hit song that maybe just goes along with an awesome music video. These days people already know what they want to listen to, so one is not always looking for new music. If they happen to be watching YouTube videos, links might come up to what is trending and what is popular and it is a good way to find new music. Our generation is very visual, if it doesn’t look cool, it probably won’t keep much attention. Some bands make it their mission to keep pumping out catchy tunes that can add to a well thought out music video. Indie bands with enough funding will continue to make these music videos and publish them online to keep up with their fans. Most big name artists have enough press as it is, and do not need to constantly have a new song to stay in the peoples’ mind.


Two indie bands with good music videos that I will mention are Vampire Weekend and OK Go

OK Go – “Here It Goes Again”

Vampire Weekend – “A Punk”


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