Music Then and Now – Influences

The Beatles and Foster the People, how do the two match up?

The Beatles  VS     Foster the People

Why would the Beatles even be compared to Foster the People? As a Beatlemaniac, I am not trying take anything from the Beatles for being legends in Rock n Roll nor am I saying that Foster the People hasn’t done their part in music. This post is only to show the connections between the two bands and their lyrics. In the later years of the Beatles, there was a song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer“. It is on the album Abbey Road, and even though the song sounds cheery and fun, it is actually very dark. The lyrics will completely go over your head if you’re not listening. There is also the reference in the title/lyrics with “silver hammer” and “bang bang”, the listener can hear the eeriness of the song. The hammer is referring to a gun, and the onomatopoeia is making the reference to a gun as well.
Foster the People has a very similar song. The song “Pumped Up Kicks” is just as dark as the some of the darker Beatles songs, and they are able to cover it up just as well. Mark Foster of Foster the People wrote a song that was able to be successful on mainstream charts when most people don’t even know what the song is about. In the song, there are direct references to guns. “Outrun my gun,” “faster than my bullet” and “six shooter gun” are just a few of the references.

To listen to the tracks and make the comparisons just click on the pictures.


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